Selected Work

Little Booms | Short Film 

Vialsland | Music Video 

Mal de Vivre | Music Video 

Wondershare "GenZ in Action" | Commercial

Delush "Wellness your way" | Commercial

My Roomate Ahriman | Short Film 

A Void | Short Film 

An Epilogue of Hegemon | Short Film 

VYU | Commercial

Gotcha | Short Film - coming soon

Are You Hungry? | Short Film 

Sorry For Your Cost  | Short Film 

Tryst | Short Film

Uala - 'El Elegido' | Commercial

Choices | Short Film 

Done/Undone | Feature Film

Dr. Fishpants (Poems about Magical Creatures) | Web-series

Her Name is Like a Sigh | Short Film

Residents of Arcadia | Feature Film

Song Xo | Dance Short Film

Prado Monroe "U R" | Music Video

The Body of my Name 名自字体 | Dance Short Film

D1GG3R | Short Film

Homecoming | Music Video 

Wondershare "Claim Your Space" | Commercial

PSA Fraser Health | Commercial

Not for Us |Short Film

Marsha's Knitting Club | Short Film

Servant of the Outer Dark | Music Video

Something to forget me by | Dance Short Film

Switchback | Teaser

 Uncover the dark truth in Power Trip | New York Magazine Short Story

Three Days | Short Film

The Fetishization of One Victor Mohdee | Short Film

La Luna | Short Film

40 Seconds | Short Film

Moontime | Short Film

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